I have very little idea how it al started... It just seems like all of the sudden I have become fasinated with cooking and trying to make crazy stuff! (Well, not TOO crazy!). Maybe it is Food Networks fault... I dunno. Anyways, I wanted to started posting my recipes and other food related things, so HERE GOES!


My Recipes

Bacon Balls

Bleu Cheese Burger

Old Man's Chili

Old Man's Salsa

Pizza Dough #000

Pizza, Hot Wings

Soylent Green (a.k.a. Garlic-Jalapeno Sauce)

SPAM Mac and Cheese

SPAM Salsa


Surf and Turf Burger

Wing Brine #000

Wing Brine #001

Wing Brine #002 (Thanksgiving Wings Brine)

Wings, Coated #000

Wings, Coated #001 (Thanksgiving Wings)

Wing Egg Wash #000

Wing Egg Wash #001

Wing Egg Wash #002 (Thanksgiving Wings Egg Wash)

Wing Sauce #000

Wing Sauce #001

Wings, Uncoated #000 (Hickory Smoked Wings)

Recipe Websites

All Recipes

Betty Crocker


The Couples Kitchen


Fifteen Spatulas


Food and Wine

Food Network

Martha Stewart

Simple Comfort Food

Taste of Home


Food Experiments

Copper Chef Copper Crisper Bacon


Local Farm Fresh Eggs vs Commercial Eggs

Low-and-Slow Pork Shoulder